We were once again in Singapore, teaching for the ICM Bible college.  This brief stop was very busy.  We arrived on June 16 in the afternoon and Baruch taught 4 hours that evening.  The next day, we had a lunch meeting/gathering.  Several people from our Israel Study Tour were there, along with representatives of ICM. We received much information about major changes taking place in Asia which are affecting believers. It was a special treat to reconnect with our friends from Singapore who joined our Israel Study Tour in May.  We always love to hear how a trip to Israel has impacted someone’s life.


That  same day in the afternoon, I had tea with a couple of ladies who lead a women’s ministry here in Singapore.  They were kind enough to share with me about their ministry and to invite me to speak to their ladies when Baruch and I return in September.  I look forward very much to this event!

Baruch then taught the class again that evening.  We met several wonderful people and prayed with a woman who is a new believer, and growing rapidly.  Praise the L-rd!

Baruch then stayed up for the 3:00 am taping of his radio show for the Sirius XM radio broadcast. Although the second half of the program is recorded, it must be done in a studio where the panel has assembled. Baruch simply calls in and participates in the discussion.

Today, we had afternoon tea with a lovely lady who connects people together to further the Ministry of the Gospel and with the Pastor who arranged for Baruch to speak at a congregation in Seoul, South Korea in September.  We hope that this trip will help us grow our work in Asia.

This evening was the last class session.  The students and visitors were all wonderful people and very grateful for the class.

Tomorrow we press on to India.

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  1. What a fantastic experience for all involved, sounds wonderful and very demanding! A pray that when you both manage to rest you wake refreshed and revitalised in Jesus Name Amen

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