Singapore Teaching


Teaching at the college tonight in Singapore.

Baruch and I flew to Singapore late Saturday night and arrived there on Sunday morning around 5 am.  We went to dinner with three other couples and then the eight of us headed to the school for Baruch to teach.

Tonight Baruch began teaching the book of Daniel, a short course for an international Bible college.  The students were all very serious and we are very happy to be here.  We also met with some people who are coming on our Israel Tour next Spring as well.

Late Saturday night we completed the first part of our Asia trip.  I am unable to write about it here, due to the security needs of those whom we shared teaching with; but suffice to say that there is great need for the Word and we need to pray for people around the world who take risk in order to learn the Holy Scriptures and worship the    G-d of Israel and His only Son, Yeshua. The varying degrees of freedom to worship and study the Bible in many countries are quickly changing and in a very adverse way. These are signs of the time in which we are living.




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