Baruch and I arrived home this morning.  We were blessed with very good flights and it was wonderful to get home.  Our time in Singapore went by so quickly, as we had several meetings and Baruch taught each evening we were there.  This time he taught the book of Revelation and everyone was very interested and attentive.

The college Baruch is taught at has campuses in several Asian countries, including Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Cambodia and Laos.  As of 2016, they have trained over 100,000 pastors.  In 2016, they decided to expand their focus to include training city pastors.  Prior to that, their emphasis had been on rural pastors, which have a different set of struggles and needs.  The city pastors need additional training to confront the more educated people who are in high tech or business.

We also met with a pastor in Singapore who is originally from S. Korea.  He is very interested in facilitating Baruch coming to S. Korea to teach.  This interests us because our television show is already airing in S. Korea on Daystar and this would be a great opportunity to promote our Bible teaching program.

It was very moving to be in Vietnam and Singapore and hear Baruch teaching about idolatry, while being surrounded by temples to false gods. We realized that we were in a part of the world which did not have knowledge of Judeo-Christian teaching.  It was so foreign to us and made me sad.

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