Sodastream is the maker of a home carbonation product which carbonates water for club soda and they also make flavoring syrups to make cola, lemon-lime and other flavored soft drinks.  It contains a canister inside of it, filled with CO2.  It is great product and we own one.  I have seen them in the United States as well, and several of our friends use them.

Sodastream plant north of Beersheva.

Photo courtesy of Tovah

Above, you can see the machine.  You just place a bottle filled with water underneath and press down on the top.  It then carbonates the water!

Why am I telling you about this?  Sodastream had a very nice plant in Judea and Samaria, which employed many Palestinians.  The liberal left, from around the world, protested and boycotted the company because it was a Jewish company in “occupied” land.  They were not applauding a Jewish company employing many Palestinians with very good wages.

After much protest, Sodastream closed the plant and built a new one, seen above, just north of Beersheva.

The reason I wanted to share this with you is to explain that much of the world, who support the Palestinians, do not care about them.  Their real interest is in hatred of Israel and trying to bring about her destruction.  Please take a moment to pray for Israel today.

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  1. Elizabeth Seymour

    Dear Rivka,

    Thank for your posts and there very informative and interesting content. I really enjoy reading them.

    I pray for Israel every day and night…I can’t help but shed tears for the cruelty of some toward G-ds Holy nation and peoples. I have just bought a couple of calendars that show the biblical feasts and Shabbats/Jewish solar Calendar etc, with very other very useful information concerning what is good in the eyes of our L-rd from ‘The Holy Land MarketPlace’.

    Thank you again Rivka…

    Elizabeth x

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