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Our train to Beersheva today.

It was a beautiful day here in Israel.    We ask for prayer for a family in Beersheva (where we were today) who suffered a fire in their home and 2 of the children are in very critical condition.  We also ask for prayer for a soldier girl who went into cardiac arrest and is in very critical condition as well.  I don’t have any of the names of the young people involved, but we need to lift these needs up to the L-rd!

We also want to lift up in prayer the Jewish communities in France.  An 85 year old Holocaust  survivor was stabbed and burned to death and there have been other recent attacks, including a 14 year old boy beaten when leaving a synagogue and a teenage Jewish girl who had her face slashed.  It is getting very bad there and we need to pray for them to come to Israel.

We have some very good friends who allow us the use of their car here in Israel when they are not here.  Right now they are in the country, so we took the train down to Beersheva today for our New Believers’ study.  It is a very pleasant ride; on Sundays it is full of soldiers going to base after Shabbat at home.

Below are some pictures of the outside of where the study is held.  This is not our center, but the outreach center of another ministry we partner with sometimes.  They periodically host Baruch to teach, including this New Believers series.

Thank you to those of you who support and agree with our desire to see the Word of G-d and the Gospel spread throughout Judea and Samaria and the entire world.

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