Some pics from the meeting

Last night and today we met for our conference in the building on the left.  The picture on the right is from the meeting on Friday, which began at 6pm, before Shabbat began.

It is really interesting to note that in Cluj, Romania, right now they are celebrating “Cluj Days”, which is filled with all sorts of concerts, crafts, food and fun.  These meetings were very well attended, and primarily by young people under the age of 30.  They forsook the get togethers around the city to come study Luke 1-2.

We praise G-d for the young people in this city who are hungry for the Word.

Today after Baruch finished teaching here, we walked to the Messianic congregation which meets about 1 1/2 miles away.  They have grown since the last time we were there and everyone was very receptive to Baruch’s teaching.  It was a full day, and we were very blessed.

We are looking forward to the service tomorrow morning where Baruch will be teaching and then in the evening, when we go to Alba-Yulia, Romania, where Baruch will be sharing the Word at a Saturday night service, and a Pastor’s conference all day on Monday.

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  1. Remarkable. So beautiful–I feel the power of G-d taking place. G-d’s true beauty is in both your hearts. Safara

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