Some Prayer Requests


There is a great deal of suffering, need and anxiety in the world.  I just wanted to remind all of us of some of the situations we need to be praying about.

There is the escalating situation with North Korea.  We need to be praying for President Trump and his advisors to make the right decisions concerning how the United States should respond.

Hurricane Irma is moving toward the United States, and the latest report I saw showed it heading toward Florida.  Baruch and I moved to Miami in May a few months before Hurricane Andrew hit and we will never forget the devastation.

There is an escalating situation in Myanmar (formerly Burma) where the minority Muslims are being slaughtered by government forces in one of the regions.

We also have a huge praise.  There is a couple very close to us and the husband had Israeli citizenship but not the wife.  They were being given a hard time for quite awhile and, praise the L-rd!, she received her Israeli citizenship yesterday.  We are so happy for them.

Another praise.  We have over 450 people signed up for our Conference, which will be held in Orlando November 10-12.  Please pray for the many volunteers who are working to help make this a great conference.  We are very thankful for them.

Thank you so much for your prayers for LoveIsrael.  We appreciate them so much.  Let’s also be sure to read Scripture which gives us assurance and promises from G-d and encourage us in all things.  We know that He is in control and His plans and purposes will NOT be thwarted.

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  1. Hurricane Harvey has devastated the Texas coastal and inland areas flooding thousands of homes leaving the residents without anything salvageable, and homeless, and carless. This was the worst flooding EVER recorded in the US. Please pray that no more rain fills the already overloaded resevoirs around westHouston, where the water is now being released by the Army Corps of Engineers into already flooded residential areas to prevent the dams from bursting. Still a very dangerous situation, and not by any means resolved at this time. Thanks!

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