Some things you need to know now

I wanted to briefly make you aware of some things that are going on, which I’m sure you will not hear on the news.

First, the European Union, under their diplomatic privileges, is bringing in prefabricated homes, building them on land that belongs to Israel, or is disputed, and setting up homes overnight, giving them to Palestinians, putting a European Union flag on them and then when Israel removes them they circulate in the media that Israel is demolishing Palestinian homes.  Whether this is their intent or not (which I think it is their intent), it is increasing anti-Israel and anti-Semitic feelings.

In the death of the young woman who was killed, which I featured on my blog earlier,she acted heroically to protect people.  Concerning this terrorist attack, CBS news reported that 3 Palestinians died in Middle East aggression.  They are continuing to ignore terrorist attacks, and put them on the same level as Israeli victims or they ignore Israeli victims altogether.

A former Palestinian spokesman recently encouraged terrorist attacks against American targets, even American owned airlines, saying that Americans need to feel the pain of the Palestinian people.

Recently,  Abu Mazen said (in Arabic), that the best way to destroy the Jewish state is by establishing a Palestinian State.  So you can see what their real motivations are for wanting a Palestinian State.

These are just a few things that are happening here and abroad.  Please be careful when you read the news.




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