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Eilat, Israel today.

We were just forwarded an email which was written by the leader of the Bible College branch in Vietnam where Baruch recently taught.  He wrote the email to the director of the Bible College.  Part of it said,

“On behalf of the class, I would like to send you our thankfulness for sending Rabbi Baruch to teach us the Book Jeremiah. The students are much more interested in learning the Word of God. They love Pastor Baruch and his wife and are close to them as [if] they know them before.”

It was such a joy to get to spend time with the students and to watch them listen and interact with the text.  These students will be future pastors and leaders in their communities.

In November, we plan to be in Singapore again as well as another country, which has not yet been decided.

In a few weeks, we will be in the States.  Be sure to check out the “Events” section on the website to see where we will be.  It would be great to meet you!

We also want to remind you to consider registering for our Ninth Annual conference in Orlando, FL.  It is free.  Check out our website for details.

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    Because of my age and health, I am an armchair traveler. I want you to know how much I appreciate these updates. Thank you Rivkaanne..

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