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While Baruch and I were in the States, I took a moment to look at the magazine section in one of the airports.  I was interested when I saw the following magazine covers:

Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world, yet we are in the news every day.  We see the United Nations and other organizations and countries around the world speaking out against us.

Israel provides freedom to its citizens like no other country in the Middle East.  But, the United Nations is continually bring resolutions against us, while saying virtually nothing about Syria, Russia, China, etc.  Does this seem rational?  No, this is the satanic influence which the Bible speaks about in the end times.

Recently Baruch spoke with a pastor from another country who said that in Baruch’s booklet that the was depressing and negative.  That there was not a lot of hope for the coming days.  I believe that his implication was that this is not what he nor others want to hear.  Most probably he is right.  However, we must speak the truth and spur believers to be prepared for what is to come.  We will suffer persecution.  Yeshua spoke of it.  We are already seeing it in many countries.  Our joy and bliss will be in the Kingdom, not here on earth.

We should be encouraged that we see prophecy coming to fruition in our midst.  That G-d is working in lives.  That He has told us what is to come.  We are not to be surprised.  It is revealed in the Scriptures.

I would encourage you to go to our website and order Baruch’s booklet for $1.50.  It is a download, full of information from the Bible and easy to read.

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  1. I have this and read it. Thank you for it. I wonder, though, if Rabbi Baruch will consider inserting the scripture references at some point? Or at least give a list of the study series’ in which he teaches this material? I know a lot of it is in Revelation, but I am not sure all of it is. It is just really nice to have the scriptures…so we can be like the people of Berea. 🙂

    1. Dear Abigail, Baruch wrote this brief e-book as at the request of many people who read his book “The Coming King”, which is full of Biblical citations and more in-depth. So, he did write a book with all that you ask, but this e-booklet was for an overview. You can get “The Coming King” through Amazon. Blessings!

  2. Rivkahann, I have read Baruch’s books and his 1335 Kingdom. I am SO thankful for Baruch and Tom Bradfords teachings on the whole council of Yehovahs word. Persecution and suffering is horrible, sad and negative. Yeshua tells us the world hated Him and if we bear witness to Him, the world will hate us too. Also, that it will be thru many hardships that we enter the Kingdom. I spoke with someone the other day about Revelation 13 and the taking of the mark. They mentioned how they simply couldn’t swallow it, how hard it would be if you have a child and are unable to feed them. It is hard to think of, which got me to thinking of the Holocaust. Children ripped out of their mothers arms…………mothers watching their babies starve in the death camps. How awful and depressing. There is coming a time when Gods holy people must persevere and trust! Its not going to be a pretty time:( Whats depressing to me is the amount of people that are not being taught truth today, not really caring to even know it. So many simply wanting their ears tickled. Its depressing to realize the many that are going to be deceived. Baruch reminds us to “know” the prophets so that we can stand in the last days. I just wanted to say thank you for all you do for His kingdom, spreading the truth of the whole council and prophecy. I pray for you and your family! Many, Many blessings!


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