Special Shabbat Day

A full house! Photo by Christian Barrionuevo.

Today we had a busy day. We are so appreciative that we are staying nearby the speaking venue, as we walked to the location. Our hotel is a kosher hotel, next door to the Chabad House (Lubavitch Orthodox) . Chabad is the chasidic sect which follows the teaching of Rabbi Schneerson. He died in 1994. They are the only Orthodox sect which reaches out to secular Jews, encouraging them to become more observant. They have outreach centres throughout the world and minister to everyone in the Jewish community. We love staying in the heart of the Jewish community of Melbourne. We feel at home seeing all of the religious Jews and their institutions (schools, etc.) as well as the kosher restaurants. There are approximately 50,000 Jewish individuals in Melbourne.

The front of the Chabad House of Caulfield.

The Chabad House is a replica of “770”, the world headquarters on Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn.

At the meetings today. Photo by Margarita Barrionuevo.

Today’s meetings were held at an old Anglican Church, which was the home of the first Australian missionary to China. This is where Beit HaMashiach Messianic Congregation meets. There was one session in the morning for the Shabbat Service and two sessions in the afternoon. Baruch’s teaching in the afternoon on the Coming King and the Coming Millennial Kingdom sparked many questions.

At the meetings, we met Rita and her husband Iliya, who minister to Russian Jews in Melbourne and Russia. We are happy for the connection and plan to provide some teaching resources to them.

With Rita. Photo by Margarita Barrionuevo.

We appreciated very much the cooperation and assistance of Enoch and Sarah of Shalom Israel Ministry. They were very gracious and we appreciate the work they are doing. They are expecting twins.

With Enoch and Sarah Lavender. Photo by Margarita Barrionuevo.

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