Spring in Romania?

Today this is what greeted us today in Romania.

Today Baruch and I arrived in Romania.  We have a full schedule this trip.  Friday night, Baruch will be speaking to a group in a small village near Hateg, Romania.  On Shabbat and Sunday, he will be teaching a Conference at a congregation in Hateg.

Our Conference will focus un the relationship between the Tabernacle and one”s walk with our Messiah. There are eight sessions:

  1. Torah portion Shemini and Spiritual Discipline.
  2. An Old Testament Understanding of Sacrifice.
  3. The Levitical Priesthood vs. the Priesthood of Malchitzedek.
  4. Understanding the Temple Vessels and their Spiritual significance.
  5. Yeshua as High Priest.
  6. The Cross as an Altar and its implication for the Believer.
  7. Understanding the New Covenant
  8. The Millennial Kingdom and Sacrifice.

At the Sunday morning service, Baruch will be speaking on Yeshua in the Garden.

Monday Baruch will be taping the next set of television shows on the book of John at Credo TV in Cluj-Napoca.  Tuesday we will go home to Israel.

It was quite a change to land and find that it was snowing!  Of course the temperatures in Israel now are pretty warm.  It was pretty amazing to go from the Red Sea during Pesach earlier this week to snow today.

We would like to ask for prayer for the following people this week:  traveling safety for our daughter, two people close to us with health issues, that Baruch’s teaching would go well and that the people would be receptive.

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