Starving for the Word of G-d


We hope you had a very meaningful Yom Kippur.  Many take this time to reflect upon their sins and ask forgiveness from those they have sinned against.  I would like to challenge all of us to spend more time than just briefly before/during Yom Kippur to assess our behaviors and thoughts.  I am reminded of the verses from Psalms, below:

Psalm 139:23-24 King James Version (KJV)

23 Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts:

24 And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.


We need to daily make sure that our hearts are right with the L-rd as we seek to live each day in a way that is pleasing to Him!

We have been very blessed by the people we’ve met at our conferences.  They have been hungry to hear Bible teaching.  Today we had Skype meetings with two of our contacts, one in Australia and one in Finland.  Both of them expressed the need for sound Bible teaching in their countries and we are working with them to expand into those areas.

I want to also share with you a meeting G-d arranged.  Baruch and I had a layover in Riga, Latvia, on our way home from Sweden.  While at the airport, we saw a fellow Messianic leader from Israel, named Oren.

Oren had been in Sweden as well.  As we all talked, we found out that Oren spoke on the same passages as Baruch while there.  One of the main passages was Daniel 7.  So, not only were we all in Sweden, but Oren and Baruch were sharing the same Scriptures on the End Times!

Oren said that he had just been thinking that he needed to speak with Baruch about doing something jointly, when he looked up and saw us!

We talked and then our flight was called.  He was on the same flight.  We boarded the plane and who should we sit next to?  Oren!  G-d definitely appointed the time for Oren and Baruch to be able to talk through some Biblical passages and arrange for Baruch to speak at Oren’s congregation.

3 thoughts on “Starving for the Word of G-d”

  1. the supposition on Daniel 7 and Revelation beasts that the 7th could have been Nazi Germany. Wouldn’t that make the United Nations possibly the 8th beast? who else persecutes the nation of Israel as much today?

  2. Shalom. Ani Arina meI drom Africa. Thank you so much for your teachings. I have listened to all of Revelation Hosea John and also to midnight from Jerusalem. It is really a blessing. I come to Israel 1x a year as a Sar-El volunteer in the IDF.

    Shalom.. Arina

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