Staying in Touch

Zoom meeting with Romania Team leaders and another couple from Bulgaria.

During this time of “social distancing” and quarantine conditions, we are very blessed to be able to keep in touch with our Teams and also to communicate with others around the world. Today alone, Baruch taped a radio show to be aired in Australia, we had a phone meeting with the head of a different ministry here in Israel, and Baruch had a What’s App meeting with someone in the U.S.

Baruch is also taping a show tonight in our home and he and I mapped out the next Marriage Mondays episode for my Biblically Inspired Life YouTube channel. Hoping to tape it tomorrow.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread is now over. How fitting to remember the plagues and the exodus while a plague is making its way around the world. This year’s celebration was much different than others. It was a very productive time and also a time of reflection. Most people we have been speaking with are really thinking about when the times get really tough, how will we as believers respond? Will we fall apart and be paralyzed with fear? Will we be a good witness? Will we have the answers to questions about what is going on?

Baruch has been taping a series of videos during this time of quarantine which I hope you are watching on our YouTube channel. If you have not subscribed to our channel, you will want to, so that you can be notified when a new video is uploaded. Our free App, My Bible Study, is also a great platform to watch them on. It is available for Apple and Android devices.

Matza toffee crackle.

The recipe for the Passover treat above was quite simple. I made it both with and without chocolate. This is without. Yummy! The news is reporting that so far the average weight gain for people during this time of quarantine is about 10 pounds! Oy!

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