Stopping in Kentucky

Lexington, KY.  Sunday.

Sunday, Baruch spoke at a large congregation in Lexington, KY.  There is a core of LoveIsrael supporters there who love the Word and are facilitating  groups of serious students of the Bible.   We were so encouraged to hear about the impact the Scriptures are making in the lives and families of many people.

Hearing these testimonies of G-d working in families and individuals blesses us so much, as we know that G-d speaking to people through His Word transforms lives.

The pastor of the congregation had just returned from taking a group to Israel and is very supportive of Israel and teaches G-d’s work in the End Times and the inclusion of Israel in that time to come.

One does not need to be a great Bible teacher to make an impact.  We know several people who have put together study groups in their homes or congregations, where they watch Baruch’s teaching and then study and learn together.  This is a great way to study a book of the Bible.  Check out our studies on YouTube.  Invite a few friends to commit to studying a book of the Bible together!

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