Study Center Recap

Last night we had a great turnout at our study center.  Our Saturday evening study is a time when we learn the Scripture verse-by-verse.  One of the men, who works with us, opened with prayer.  We share requests and pray for one another.

We gathered around to conduct the Havdallah service.  This brief service is to mark the end of the Shabbat and to distinguish it from the other six days of the week.  At the end of Havdallah we always sing Adon Olam, which is an 11th century prayer written by Solomon Ibn Gabirol.  It emphasizes the belief that as long as we trust in G-d, we have no cause to fear.

We then lit the hanukkiah together.  This was followed up by a short teaching on the parasha (Vayigash) by a man who works with us and is part of another ministry.  Baruch followed this up with going through a little bit of the Kitzur Shulchan Aruch, which is an abbreviated systematic presentation of Jewish Law.

Baruch then taught from Luke chapter 6.  What is so exciting is that there were three orthodox men there and they participated in the discussion.


Baruch teaching at our study center last night.

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