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Today Baruch and I had the opportunity to meet with some very close friends for lunch.  We had a wonderful time discussing our families, our faith, Israel and our burden for the Lost Sheep of Israel.

We have known these friends from the States for 25 years and now all of us live in Israel.  How special it is to have friends who have more in common with you than, many times, your family.

It is very important to have people who share the same faith and outlook as you do.  Of course not everyone has lots of friends and family who are believers, but each of us should seek out some people with whom we can talk, share, and learn with concerning our faith.  Sharing prayer requests, discussing Bible verses, encouraging each other in individual ministry callings…all of these things are important.

If you do not currently have someone like that in your life, pray that G-d will bring someone with whom you can share some of these interests.  Through Bible Study Company, and their equal desire to see the body of believers supported and encouraged, we have the group on their website (  We are hoping this group will grow and that people will find encouragement and learning through like-minded people.

Joining Bible Study Company (BSC) is free.  Ric and Mary Joyner (the owners of BSC) and I will be checking in on the group regularly, but the thoughts expressed in the group are not necessarily those of or BSC.  They will be the sole beliefs of those who express them.  I will have the ability to ban someone who behaves inappropriately, so the group will maintain its integrity and objectives.

Every Saturday night after the “Midnight from Jerusalem” Live Stream, Ric will head over to the group to continue the discussion of the topic.  It will be after 1:00am Israel time and I will not be joining the discussion.  However, it is a great opportunity to meet some fellow believers and discuss the teaching you have all just heard.

This community is NOT limited to after the Saturday night Live Stream.  It is open all the time for people to contemplate Scripture, share prayer requests, etc.  This is for YOU, to fill a need which we have heard over and over when meeting with people around the world.

Please email me through the “contact” email on our website if you have any questions.

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