Summer Has Arrived In Israel

Today the high temperature reached 97 degrees F (36 degrees C). I took the photograph above while out walking today. The tree looks so lovely, but I was melting!

Israel continues to receive some rockets from out of Gaza, including today. I have not heard of any injuries, but these attacks should not be allowed to continue. There are reports that Israel is preparing for an increase in violence and attacks leading up to Yom Yerushalayim (Jerusalem Day), which is May 10 (tomorrow). The IDF has sent reinforcements to the Gaza border in anticipation of attacks, including incendiary balloons which have already begun to fall in Southern Israel.

Our Bible Study of the Book of Micah continues! I hope you are continuing with us daily as we make our way through this important studies. Again, thank you to Lee for putting them together!


Have you tried any new recipes during the past year or so because of the lockdowns, etc.? I had some strawberries which needed to be used up and decided to make some homemade scones. What a nice treat! Taking this time to focus on home and relationships has been a comfort for many people I know and I hope that some of these new behaviors will continue into the future.

So nice to see the older people getting out and socializing. Many of you know that Israel’s new cases and ongoing cases of COVID are very low now and things are running pretty normally again other than masks are necessary inside.

2 thoughts on “Summer Has Arrived In Israel”

  1. Linda Kellough

    Praise the Lord for things turning back to normal there in Israel. I cease not to pray for Israel & Jerusalem for God’s complete protection. Always appreciate you sharing-Shalom!

  2. Praying for Israel and Gods people. During this lockdown I started a veggie garden and have been enjoying sowing the seeds and waiting in anticipation for growth and then the harvesting.

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