Summertime in Israel


Religious women and girls heading to the beach.                                               August 8, 2017

Today, during my walk, I saw a lot of women and girls headed to the beach.  Why?  Well, at many beaches in Israel, there are “separate” beaches, which one day will be men-only and another day be women-only.  This is to keep the modesty of the people.  Today was a women’s day and there were busses of females being dropped off and picked up.  They come from Jerusalem and many other cities in the area.


A sure sign of the heat is the signs they have posted all over the city.  It reads “In Ashdod, we all drink water.” This is to encourage everyone to drink enough water during these summer days.  Each day we have temps in the 90s and no clouds.  Plus, with our kilometers of beautiful beaches, many people stay out all day, not realizing that they are dehydrating.



These are the last few weeks of summer, as most schools resume on September 1.  Universities and colleges don’t begin until after Sukkot.  Our daughters begin their classes on October 15.


If you are walking along the Mediterranean, but are not going to the beach, this is what the view is in the heat of the day 🙂


Because Israel has a six day workweek, and a good portion of the people do not travel on Shabbat, summer is a huge time for trips, vacations, outings, and get togethers.  Malls, parks, restaurants and movie theaters are all very busy during this time.

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