Summing up our Moldova Trip

The men praying before the Sunday morning service. Photo courtesy of Pavel Clipa.

This was our first trip to Moldova and we appreciate our team leader George Popa and our friend Pavel Clipa for all of their efforts in making the connections and doing the work to put together this trip. It turned out to be a full itinerary and we were blessed to learn about Moldova, the people, the Jewish community and its history and some of the challenges.

On Shabbat morning and Sunday morning, Baruch spoke at Jesus the Savior Church. The Sunday morning service was full and we were so blessed to be a part of people who accepted the Gospel! One woman who made that decision is the mother of a couple we know from Cluj, Romania! Praise the L-rd!

It was such a special day, as I met a woman I have emailed with over the past year or two! Serafima and her daughter Oxana made the extra effort to track down the time and place in order to meet us in person! It was great to meet them.

Meeting with Oxana and her mother Serafima!
A full house!
With Pavel (L) and George (R).

Shabbat afternoon we went to a Messianic congregation. Baruch was scheduled to speak. When we arrived they were following along with a live-streamed service. During that live-stream the leader stated several theological points which we firmly disagreed with and Baruch decided that he should not speak. He did not want to appear that he agreed with these teachings. There are times when we have to choose whether to “go along with it” or stand up for truth even if it creates an uncomfortable situation!

Holocaust Memorial in Chisinau.
The Dniester River between Transnistria and Moldova.

There is a strip of land bordered by the Ukraine and the Dniester River in Moldova. It is called Transnistria. During the Romanian occupation of 1941–44, between 150,000 and 250,000 Ukrainian and Romanian Jews were deported to Transnistria; the majority were executed or died from other causes in ghettos and concentration camps in the area. This area is in great unrest right now, as the struggle between Moldovian and Russian rule continues.

Baruch has done much reading in this area of history and we will prepare an article about it in the future.

2 thoughts on “Summing up our Moldova Trip”

  1. That must be so very difficult to make a decision to not go through with a speaking engagement when you are already there and have a word for the people. I wonder if they might be open to the feedback that you have for them regarding the things that did not line up theologically. If they have the Holy Spirit, they would be able to humbly accept the feedback and use the learning moment shared with them. I can only imagine how hard it must be in those types of situations. Praying for you both and the ministry.

    Looking forward to the conference next week in Murphy, NC.

    1. Dear Emilie, thanks for your comments! Baruch did take the leader aside and explain the theological problems. The leader’s response was that they “used to” believe in the Trinity but now do not! Very sad. See you soon!

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