Sunday in Sebis

Baruch with Teo, who arranged for us to be in Sebis on Sunday; the service Sunday morning.

There was a very good turnout on Sunday in Sebis.  Baruch taught in the morning on the idolatry of King Jeroboam and in the evening he taught about the relationship between Absalom and David.  Several people came up to me to say that the messages were just what they needed to hear.  Baruch focused on repairing broken relationships in the second message.

From left to right:  Teo, Barak, Baruch and Rabbi Yochanan.

While in Sebis, we had the opportunity to go to a congregation which has the Ten Commandments tablets from the Orthodox Synagogue which was torn down in the community.  The mother of the man on the far right felt the L-rd calling her to go to the man who bought the synagogue (a non-Jewish individual) and ask for the tablets.  He refused.  She went back to the site and said that she would pay any price.   He asked a high price, but she collected enough money to pay for them and they are now housed at the Messianic Congregation,  shown above.  They are such a treasure.

We also had the great honor to go to the Jewish cemetery.  It was unfortunate to see how it must be surrounded by barbed wire to prevent vandalism.  It is on the outskirts of town.

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