Sunday Service

Sunday Baruch spoke at the Servants of Jesus congregation in Sydney. He spoke from the book of Mark and it really ministered to the people. Several people came up to us after the service to say that the message spoke to them and motivated them for change.

The people of Australia are hungry! Many people heard of the speaking schedule in Sydney and then followed us around to each location! It was very humbling.

Last year and this year, our Sydney conference was held in conjunction with Derek Prince Ministries and CVM Group. CVM Group is the company of our Australasia Team leaders and Derek Prince Ministries is a gospel centered ministry which was founded by the late Bible teacher Derek Prince. He had a great love for Israel and their Australian leadership appreciates the work of The current leader, Alex Genovese, has been very supportive and we appreciate our relationship with DPM for our Sydney conference.

Baruch with Alex Genovese of Derek Prince Ministries, Australia.

Baruch very much appreciated his conversation with Mr. Genovese. Derek Prince Ministries is getting Biblically based teaching out to an ever increasing number of countries and Baruch has learned a great deal from Mr. Genovese which will certainly guide in our future plans. Mr. Genovese also serves on the Foundation in Australiasia.

On September 4th, we will be traveling to Seoul, South Korea for Baruch to give several teachings. An additional purpose for this trip is to increase the distribution of our teaching throughout Southeast Asia. We would appreciate prayer in regard to this. We will have some news about in Indonesia soon.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Service”

  1. Ingrid christina kern

    What a blessing that Australia is now touched by the hand of God and the True Word of His! As always is pray You 2 have a save travel and may He keep You shielded from harm! Amen….

  2. Standing with you in prayer! Praying for continuing fruit from your ministry “down-under”. Hope some of Baruch’s teaching will be available on facebook, Vimeo or YouTube!

  3. If I’m not mistaken I happen to see Baruch ‘s Sydney conference on YouTube from last year.
    I thoroughly enjoyed it and use it to share with others.
    Will your conferences all be posted ?
    Always praying for you and your ministry because it’s very meaningful to me and good source to share.Thank you both for your faithfulness

    1. Some venues were taped. Those will be posted as they become available. Thank you for your prayers! Blessings!

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