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Our time in Sweden so far is fruitful. I want to share a message Baruch wrote: “Great response from the people, very hungry for the Word. They are in a place where most of the churches are so socially liberal and ignore the Scriptures. Elderly people literally weeping just to hear preaching from the Biblical text. They say it has been so long that anyone has shared the Word. So very sad, but also a joy to see people in their 80s who want to rededicate their lives and serve Yeshua with whatever time and resources they have. Also, many Romani (Gypsies) coming to know the L-rd.”

Today we will be going to Eskilstuna, which is about an hour from Stockholm.

Last night we had a great time of study on our Live Stream. I enjoy learning with those of you who participate on YouTube.

ISRAEL TOUR. There are still spots available for our Israel tour. If you’d like to join us, please see the link below:


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  1. Ingrid christina kern

    what a blessing you are such instruments to God’s purposes. i found myself europe has gone to the dogs spiritually (many agnostic and godless, many not honoring the sanctity of marriage anymore and just living in darkness) since i left austria in 76. but of course i long left the catholic church myself, it was just a journey to find to the truth (that’s what i called it), and i did it by myself through reading, praying, researching, learning, asking rabbis for explanations about Israel and hebrew culture etc to understand certain scripture details. yes i realized how important it was to do some “hebrew studies”! and then i found you miraculously and my walk with you began. and thanks to your prayer warrior group have i found a lady to interact with even though only per email and share my faith with. what blessing! i understand how people weep for joy to hear the Word Of God at last! may the Lord keep you and bless you in all you do, and protect you from harm on travels and against the enemies of israel! Amen

  2. Hallelujah! I can relate to the tears of joy! I wished there were more good Jewish bible teachers like Baruch. But he is out there, if the people want to tune him in or tune him out! I pray for the people searching, like I was, that they will find him and start studying.
    Wishing Isaac and me could go to Israel):

  3. Amen! What a testimony to how powerful the Word of G-d is when heard! I pray that more people can hear Baruch teach the Word! May the L-rd’s blessings be upon Baruch and Rivka …and the people they reach out too!

    P.S. It is beautiful to read all the previous reply’s and their testimonies. It is true that if you sincerely search for G-d’s truth, He will be found! Praise the L-rd!

    1. Thanks so much for commenting, Melissa. I always enjoy seeing you on the Midnight from Jerusalem Live Stream group 🙂

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