Sydney Conference 2019

Photo courtesy of Christian Barrionuevo.

It is hard to believe that the Sydney conference is over! Our Australasia Team worked extra hard to bring about a fantastic day. The theme was Keys to Spiritual Warfare. It was a time of study, reflection, prayer and praise and worship.

The Rydges Hotel venue. Photo courtesy of Christian Barrionuevo.

The setup at the Rydges Hotel was done by our team. What a lovely venue. Between the sessions there was morning and afternoon tea as well.

Margarita Barrionuevo, one of our Australasia Team leaders. Photo courtesy of Christian Barrionuevo.
We were greatly blessed by the worship team.

The enthusiasm of the participants was so encouraging. Interest in the work of Love Israel and how to find more Bible teaching was very high. We were also able to promote our television presence on Daystar, God TV and Australian Christian Television. People came from all parts of Australia as well as New Zealand. As always our primary purpose is to share Biblical truth and grow the number people in an increasing amount of places who are aware of our video archive so they can continue to be transformed by the Scriptures. There is no question that changes are taking place in the world and knowing how to wage Spiritual warfare is a necessity. We are thankful to Yeshua, Who brought such a committed group of individuals together. The participants represented numerous countries and ethnic groups and were united in a desire to obey G-d and defeat the activity of our enemy. To G-d be the glory!

2 thoughts on “Sydney Conference 2019”

  1. Praise The L-rd!! Dan & I did pray for the Australian conference and everywhere you go.
    You two are blessing so many people by being obedient to His command to go.
    Following your blog, I feel like I can be a part of your ministry, praying and supporting you without being there. Thank you for your time and energy.
    In Yeshua’s Love,
    Susan McGuire

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