Sydney Conference Recap

People coming up for prayer at the end of the Friday night session.

After an entire year of planning and work by our Australasia Team, it is hard to believe that this year’s Sydney Conference is over! What a wonderful time of teaching, ministry, praise and worship, prayer and fellowship. The hundreds of attendees were from various areas of (mostly) Australia, with one attendee who came all the way from Israel! The title of the the message on Friday evening was “Effective Prayer and Healing from a Biblical Perspective.” This was an encouraging message by Baruch to help us understand Prayer and Healing and also how to understand when someone is not healed. At the end of the service, there were trained prayer partners who met with and prayed with all who came forward. You can see in the picture above just how important this opportunity was for many people.

On Shabbat, Baruch taught about Jacob: The Man and His Legacy. For many people, this was a new perspective of Jacob…one they had never heard. We learned about the true meaning of “Jacob” [to pursue after] and how Rebecca his mother, a woman of great faith, was participating in the the fruition of G-d’s plans and purposes. Baruch shed light on this man who has been maligned by much of Christianity.

On Sunday, Baruch spoke at Servants of Jesus congregation. They were very receptive to the message Baruch brought from the book of Ezekiel which spoke of God’s faithfulness to keep His covenant with Israel as a testimony to nations.

Biblical Manhood Seminar for the men, taught by Baruch.

Biblical Womanhood Seminary for the women, taught by Rivka. These 2 lectures were taped and are being posted on the Biblically Inspired Life YouTube channel.

A huge “Thank You” to our Love Israel Australasia Team…Christian, Margarita, Vanessa and baby Jasmine! We love and appreciate you!

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