Sydney Conference

Some pictures from the conference.  Photo credit:  Vanessa Barrionuevo

The conference was held at a venue just a few steps from our hotel.  It was so convenient and our hosts (and friends), the Barrionuevo family, arranged for every detail.  We were so impressed with the location as well as all of the workers and volunteers from Derek Prince Ministries who participated in making the entire event run smoothly.  There was even a praise and worship team to lead us and preparing our hearts for the studies.

The conference consisted of 4 sessions and there were two tea breaks (I just love the British influence here)!  The conference theme was:   Our Blessed Hope…”The Rapture”. Are you ready?  There were several questions taken at the end of the conference as well. There is much confusion about the end times and it was great that Baruch was able to clearly present the material.

Our hosts were able to arrange 100 radio advertising spots as well as the very large advertisement (see below) in the Israel and Christians Today newspaper, which is published by Christians for Israel Australia.


We were happy to hear that people from all over Australia attended the conference.  That shows a great job by the organizing team of promoting the conference.

One of our “take-aways” from this trip is that there is a real need in Australia to have sound Biblical teaching and we are excited to organize a team to maximize our presence here.  We would appreciate your prayers as we move forward with this effort.

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