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Today I am going home to Israel.  It was nice to see family, especially those who are getting older.  I visit with my mom and Baruch’s parents every time I am in the States.  I want to encourage you to take the time to visit, engage, and communicate with family and friends.  We live in a very impersonal world.  Being able to touch the lives of other is so important.  It means a great deal to them.  There are elderly, homebound, or lonely people who would appreciate a phone call, visit or card.  Why can’t you take a few minutes to touch someone else?

I was so blessed to be able to pray with a dear friend who recently lost her daughter.  The heartbreak is so real and I was so glad to pray and cry with her right there on the phone, in the hotel lobby.  Who cares what people think?  I believe it is good for people to see real emotion.

Many families are fractured and there are estranged relationships in virtually everyone’s life.  Perhaps someone comes to mind to whom you can minister to or with whom you need to mend a relationship.  Don’t delay.  Plan this week times, places and ways you can reach out to others and minister!

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