Taping Day


Cluj, Romania, last night.

Today we are at the studios of CredoTV in Cluj, Romania, where Baruch is taping the next set of television programs.  I know that many of you are anxiously awaiting the Hebrews study.

While at the tapings, a leader of one of the denominations in the area approached us about doing a conference in his city.  He said that several people have approached him, asking that he try to get Baruch to come.  We are very happy that the Romanian people are excited about our television program.  It has been such a blessing for us to have this relationship with CredoTV, with Romania and with her people!

The 2018 LoveIsrael.org Study Tour of Israel is now full.  We are looking forward to spending time with each of you who has signed up.  For those of you who missed this opportunity, we have scheduled a Love Israel.org 2019 Study Tour for May 13-22, 2019.  We are working out the itinerary now.  I will post more information when it becomes available.


This is us with John Petric, who patiently tapes and edits our television shows in the studio in Romania for us.  We appreciate him and his work very much!


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    1. Thank you for all of your kind comments, Diana. Baruch actually doesn’t write this blog, but we love being able to share about the ministry with everyone!

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