Taping Day and Thinking About Pesach


Gorgeous view this morning in Cluj, Romania.

As I write, Baruch is taping television shows on the book of Hebrews and I am sitting in the sound room.  I just picked up my calendar to check upcoming appointments and Skype calls in order to get an idea of when to schedule future taping sessions.

Wow, Pesach is creeping up on us!  Last year and in 2016, I posted a lot of information about my planning process for the holiday, including all of the food.  I do the same thing every year and usually Baruch and our son do a huge grocery haul.  When we get home from this trip, we will need to get the prepackaged foods such as cakes, cookies, etc., as those tend to run out.

Here is a link to a couple of Pesach recipes I shared on this blog a couple of years ago.  I make them every year.

The Promised Recipes

And another link about the Pesach Kitchen:

The Pesach Kitchen

The other major aspect is cleaning.  Here is a link to my post on how I clean for Passover.

Oy! Pesach Cleaning Time!

I hope your Passover preparation is going well.  Let’s not forget the spiritual aspect of cleaning as well and how we need to ask G-d to reveal to us the “leaven (chametz)” in our lives and to be cleansed from them.

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