Taping Day

Pictures from Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion airport.  Upper left picture is from our gate announcing our flight to Cluj-Napoca, Romania.  Upper right is “Theodore Herzl” and the bottom picture is “David Ben Gurion.”

Yesterday we flew to Cluj.  Last night we had a meeting with a couple who head up a missions organization here.  Our hope is to develop relationships with leaders who will use our teaching videos will be used by more and more organizations.

As I write this, we are at the studio and Baruch is taping the next set of videos on the book of John.  Some people have written to us questioning why the latest video on John is three months old. Please realize that we must produce these programs well in advance of their broadcast date. We are simply three months ahead in production. We release the weekly video on our internet platforms to coincide with the broadcast of that same video which is shown on the various television networks. So do not think that we have not produced any videos for three months.

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