Taping in a new Studio

Today Baruch and I were in Vienna, Austria, where he taped 8 new television shows.  This is a different studio that we usually use.  Travel to Vienna is of course much cheaper to travel to from Israel and we are excited to see the results.

Behind the scenes at the taping today.

This new series is the Book of Hosea.  We are excited to see how these television programs will turn out.

We will be home tomorrow, when we will have our Beersheva study in the evening, and then make final preparations for the Friday night seder.  Are you ready?

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  1. I greatly enjoy and receive as I have never received reading/watching Rabbi Baruch’s teaching. I was raised Baptist and the pastor hollered so that my mind would drift away and I did not learn as I should have. Also Rabbi Baruch uses less words and therefore keeps ones attention in making the Word of G-d known–just as G-d’s Bible is written-to the point. I love you both and am so grateful for your teachings. Safara

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