Team Focus: Australasia

Christian, Vanessa and Margarita Barrionuevo, team leaders for Australasia.

I have asked all of our teams to send me a little bit about themselves in order to introduce you to our work around the world. Today the focus is on our Australasia team, which comprises Australia, New Zealand, and some neighbouring islands. Here is their report:

The LoveIsrael Australasia team is led by Christian, Margarita and Vanessa Barrionuevo. We are also blessed to have board members Alex Genovese and Kim Blomeyer. Main goal is to reach as many people, in as many countries as possible, in the Australasia region with Baruch’s teachings. So far, the Australasia team have held two (2) successful annual conferences in collaboration with Derek Prince Ministries.  This has included conferences in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Radio interviews have also been held with Vision Radio, which has coverage in Australasia. Aim is to hold an annual conference and grow the ministry by making more people aware of Baruch’s expository Bible teachings. Solid bible teaching is certainly what people in Australia are seeking in some very uncertain and unstable times. Baruch was also able to teach in NSW Parliament in 2019, which we are aiming to also be done each year. 

This year’s conference had to be postponed due to COVID-19, therefore, Christian will represent LoveIsrael and will be interviewed by Vision Radio in July as well as be a guest speaker at NSW Parliament in August. The Australasia team are trusting G-d to open doors for Baruch to resume the annual conferences next year. We are also exploring the possibility of conducting on-line zoom interviews in the near future with a focus on the LoveIsrael ministry receiving further exposure. With ongoing prayer and fasting, the team will be seeking what the L-rd is wanting to do in Australasia. Our main objective is for as many people as possible to receive real Bible teaching, that the body of Christ is equipped and edified and that G-d is glorified at all times.

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