Team Focus: Eastern Europe

George and Anca Popa, LoveIsrael Eastern Europe Team Leaders.

The Eastern Europe Team began a few years ago in Romania. Prior to that, Baruch and I had made several trips to Romania and were close friends with a family there. Then, we met George and Anca, who have hearts for the L-rd and a strong desire to bless the Jewish people.

They have been arranging and expanding the reach of LoveIsrael to now include several other countries. Here is a report from George:

Serbia: We have a website in the Serbian language,, where Miki is in charge of that. Because of the Covid outbreak, we had to cancel 2 conferences that were scheduled. The materials that we are working on right now is the book of Mark video translations.

Bulgaria: We had a conference scheduled for April, but it had to be cancelled. We did have a victory, however, because we did make a live conference with them. The host was Shalom Church from Lovech. They are a very hungry church for good teaching and the people that were involved very professional. We have a website there, which is and at this moment, the book of Daniel is “on the table”. Also, there is a translation of the booklet 1335 Kingdom was translated by Petia, from the capital of Sofia. We have a conference scheduled for the beginning of December in Ruse, near the Romanian border.

Moldova: The little sister of Romania, we have a good relationship with the spiritual leaders from Chisinau, the Capital of the country. A special relationship has also developed with the head of the Christian University Divita Gratiae, Mr. Serghei, who will be our host December 1-3 this year.

Austria: While we know that this country is in Central Europe, we have a connection with a congregation there and the leaders invited us for some teaching from the Word of G-d in Amstetten. We have scheduled a conference there for November 29-30.

Germany and German language: We want to expand the LoveIsrael ministry to German speakers. German is the 3rd most used language in Europe and is spoken in Germany Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. Soon we will open a website for the German speakers and we will begin to translate Baruch’s materials.

Romania: Things are very interesting! We have the booklet 1335 Kingdom and the book Our Blessed Hope both printed. Another 2 books, The Coming King and Without a Friend, will follow in Autumn. There is a website,, where you can find articles by Baruch as well as audio and video in Romanian. At this moment, there are 2 Christian television stations which are broadcasting Baruch’s program: Credo TV and Alfa & Omega TV. In Romania, the situation is the same as in other countries, we have had to cancel some conferences but there are signs that we will create possibilites to be an active ministry in Romanian lives.

Personally, I have a burden for Hungary, but I pray that the L-rd will open the door for LoveIsrael on His time for this country.

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