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We have a radio show which is comprised of an approximately 28 minute teaching by Baruch which is followed by a 25 minute discussion between Baruch, Ronnie Houlihan and Tom Le Vine. Ronnie and Tom both live in the San Diego, CA, area. Ronnie and his wife Nicki are friends of ours and supporters of Tom has become a friend as well and has had a career in radio for over 30 years. Currently, our programs airs on KPRZ (K-Praise) in San Diego, Sirius XM radio, and now the American Family Radio network of 180 radio stations throughout the U.S. You can go to AFR.NET to find out what time and what station near you airs the program on Saturday, 1:05 PM eastern, 12:05 central, etc. If you do not have a radio station near you which airs the program, go to at the appropriate time and you can listen to it on the live broadcast from anywhere in the world. For example, we can here it in Israel through their website at 8:00 PM Saturday evenings.

Tom Le Vine (Left) and Ronnie Houlihan.

I’ve asked Ronnie to write about the LoveIsrael radio ministry and our Lost In Translation radio program:

From the beginning, our goal at Lost In Translation was to reach as many people as possible with the Word of G-d. So, when we were blessed with an opportunity to put together a radio show based on mistranslated or misunderstood Scripture, we started Lost In Translation, with our teacher Dr. Baruch Korman .

Baruch has this style of teaching that is different than what most of us are used to hearing.  Baruch gives us a look into how the Bible was written and translated into English. Most people don’t know that the Tanakh is the Old Testament, originally written in ancient Hebrew . This is in Three parts, The Torah, The Nevi’im and the Ketuvim . Then there is the Septuagint which is the Hebrew Bible translated into Greek . The reason we don’t know is because we have not been told certain things about the Jewish Bible (The Holy Bible). This is Baruchs’ specialty, translating these Hebrew and Greek texts into English. We can see that many verses in the Bible was translated incorrectly,  and this is why we have the radio show, so people can have a greater understanding of G-d’s Word and with that, a deeper relationship with G-d. Baruch also gives us a different look into the Scripture from a Jewish perspective. Through this, we can learn about the Jewish culture of several thousand years ago and how they served G-d.  We want people to be changed from the inside out, which can only be done by hearing G-d’s Word.

We also have many things going on here at Lost In Translation. Our website should be up and running in the very near future. Here you can access all the previous recorded shows. We will have dates for upcoming LoveIsrael conferences, special videos and a place where you can send in questions which might be included on a future program by Baruch. And so much more.

We hope you are blessed as much as we are by listening to the show. We thank you for your support. Please pray that G-d continues use us according to His will and that we will listen to the Holy Spirit as He guides us through these changing times . We want to only speak of things that glorify Him. Shalom, Ronnie.

4 thoughts on “Team Focus: Radio Ministry”

  1. Is there a way to access your past shows. I’m looking for your teachings on the book of revelations you have been doing. I would like to share them with family and friends?

    1. We are in the process of retrieving all of the files. The will be placed on our app, My Bible Study. Blessings!

  2. Shalom Dr Baruch,

    I’m looking for a book about the lost in translation. Do you have your teachings on lost in translation writing somewhere?

    May the MOST HIGH keep blessing you for your work!

    Thank you

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