Team Focus: Spanish Language Outreach

Spanish Outreach Team Leaders Jose and Carrie Rivera.

The next team I’d like to feature is the Spanish outreach team. Jose and Carrie had the vision early on to reach the Spanish-speaking world and we are so happy to have them as team leaders. Here is a report from Jose and Carrie:

The mission of Amarás a Israel, the Spanish outreach of LoveIsrael, is to make Baruch’s sound Biblical teaching available to all the Spanish speakers around the world. 

Amarás a Israel continues to reach Spanish speaking people worldwide via the Internet with the webpage,, the Spanish version (Conexión Amarás a Israel) of Rivka’s blog and via social media using Facebook and Twitter. The ministry also has an APP (Android and iOS), Mi Estudio Bíblico, that allows many others to discover Baruch’s expository, verse by verse, Bible teachings. 

Amarás a Israel reaches North, Central and South America and the Caribbean via Enlace TV, a TV network from Costa Rica, which is an affiliate of TBN. The teachings are also aired in Spain and Europe on TBN España

The L-rd is doing wonders with the outreach as more and more people from all over the world find the webpage, blog, APP and Enlace TV on the Internet. The statistics on the page show visitors from all continents. Several of the top 15 countries are non-Spanish speaking, such as, Germany and France.

Our next goal is to be able to host conferences in Spanish speaking countries and conferences in the USA to Spanish or bi-lingual groups. We are praying and waiting on the L-rd for open doors in this area. 

One year ago, Baruch and the ministry of LoveIsrael was practically unknown in the Spanish speaking world. We praise Adonai that today thousands have become acquainted with Baruch’s sound Biblical teachings. I, José, reply to questions that arrive from listeners that use the contact form on the webpage and via Facebook Messenger. 

The voice of Baruch in Spanish is Einstein Guzman. He is a professional voice-over artist and does a fantastic job dubbing the videos into Spanish. Although Einstein is a member of the Spanish Team, he deals directly with Baruch. Einstein is a great addition to the team. We work together well in areas where we need one another that do not involve Baruch. 

The L-rd is doing wonders with the Spanish outreach of LoveIsrael and He deserves all the honor and glory. Our Spanish speaking world now has a real, sound expositor of the Scriptures and our brothers and sisters are learning greatly from Baruch’s wisdom and as he expounds the Scriptures, bringing back the Jewish context of the customs and traditions of The Land of Israel. 

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