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Baruch with Team Leader, George Popa.

George Popa began as our Team Leader for Romania. His area then expanded to Eastern Europe as well. He now works with most of our teams to help them grow and expand. Here are some of his thoughts after our big Romania and Moldova trip.

A guest blog by George:

I knew that it would be a hard trip and I was right about that. We traveled more than 2700 km in 16 days and were in 7 cities total. The good part is that we accomplished all that I wanted to accomplish–church teachings, interviews, prayer sessions, new relations to establish, old friends to meet with and a lot of surprises (good, I hope). This blog will share the good things.

A great value is that we gave away a lot of Baruch’s books. We have at this moment all of his books translated into Romania and available in printed format and audio format. Besides the books, we had pens bookmarks, t-shirts, cups, pencils and refrigerator magnets. The people appreciate them greatly. One of the targets is that all of the teams have a vision of development and a strategy provided by the Holy Spirit.

What I see in this moment is that we need most is the vision from the L-rd and to be sure that we are not going in the wrong direction. I would like to say that time is the most important resource in this moment and that all of the teams must use it properly and not waste any of it.

I salute some of the churches because they have such a good heart concerning LoveIsrael and Israel as well. Some of the pastors understand the importance of the last days and their implication for Israel and the Kingdom of G-d.

Also the meeting with the two Romanian Christian television stations was great…the 4 hours of interview at Alfa Omega TV and the recordings and interview at Credo TV will present to the people who we are and what we are doing. The unique characteristic of LoveIsrael ministry is that it provides Biblical truths/teachings from the original language that the Bible was written (Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek).

The fellowship was great. We met in person with some of our team leaders. They made the efforts to come (covid tests, plane tickets, preparation and a lot of good motivation). Poland, France, Serbia and Hungary were the teams that we met on the Romania trip. It was such a blessings.

Finally, the Romanian Team really showed great hospitality in one way or another by organizing things from the place of the teaching, to visiting some important places in our little free time, accommodations and eating. They are GREAT!

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