Tel Aviv Day

The spices, nuts, dried fruit, grains, all in containers to take gives such a market feel.  The shops are all busy with people getting just the right ingredients for the various ethnic dishes.

Today I went to Tel Aviv to visit our older daughter and also to drop off videos to be edited.  I love going to Tel Aviv–it is vibrant and you can find every type of person there. There are rich, poor, religious, secular, asylum seekers, native Israelis for 10 generations, young and old.

We ate at this restaurant, which is Ethiopian and Sudanese cuisine.  It was delicious and very healthy.


The sauce in the middle is spicy!

Tel Aviv is packed with awesome places to eat, from coffee bars to upscale restaurants.  And, with the great weather most of the year, people enjoy sitting outside and taking in the sunshine and hustle of the city.

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