Tel Aviv Journal Part 2

The marina in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is a beautiful city. It is diverse. Unfortunately, it is also ungodly….as are all cities of the world. So many people run down Israel, call it sinful, and say that G-d has no more dealings with her. That is simply not true. G-d will, and IS, returning the Jewish people to their land. This is not because they are following HIM, and this is not because they somehow deserve it. It is because G-d has promised to do so and has an everlasting covenant with them and their inheritance. It is interesting to study the word “inheritance” in the Bible and just how many times G-d talks about the Jewish people and their inheritance and the LAND.

Below is a video Baruch recently taped with Christian, our Australasia Team Leader. In this video, they discuss in more detail about G-d’s future plans for Israel.

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