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Sheinkin Street, Tel Aviv

Last week, Baruch and I had the opportunity to go to Tel Aviv for a couple of days at no cost. Tel Aviv is one of my favorite cities, with something for everyone. There are great historical places, such as Independence Hall. It was here that David Ben-Gurion, head of the People’s Council, the Zionist Executive and the Jewish Agency, declared the creation of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.After the reading of the declaration of independence, Rabbi Fishman-Maimon recited the Sheheheyanu (a Jewish blessing of thanksgiving) and members of the People’s Council and Executive signed the scroll. The ceremony concluded with the singing of “Hatikva.”

One can also print out a map and take a self-guided walking tour to view the Bauhaus style of architecture. Tel Aviv has the largest number of buildings in the Bauhaus/International Style of any city in the world.  You can also arrange for a tour guide to take you on a walking tour.

And of course there is the beach and water sports, shopping, a variety of dining and antique shops in nearby Jaffo (Joppa).

Park Speigel, Tel Aviv.

At the park above, people gathered each evening to watch the stunning sunset over the Mediterranean Sea.

Like most other cities, it has some quaint restaurants, bakeries and cafes. Dizengoff Street is a very popular place to find some yummy treats.

One of the reasons I share with you about different areas of Israel is for you to see places have rockets shot at them! That these may be similar to where you live. To cause you to feel a connection with the people and land of Israel!

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