Tel Beer Sheva and a Biblical Truth


Baruch sharing with the group at Tel Beer Sheva today.

Today we went to Tel Beer Sheva with another ministry, whose board is located in England.  They are a delightful group who are also burdened for the Jewish people.  We praise G-d for their love, interest and prayers for the people here in the Land.  Meeting with people such as these gives us an opportunity to share about our television program and teaching in England.

Today Baruch shared a short devotion concerning the Law and “keeping” it.  He spoke about the fact that the Law was never a means of salvation;  rather, it shows our need for salvation.  What was really interesting is that he shared that the law has blessings and curses associated with it.  On the cross, did not Yeshua take all of the curses upon Himself for our behalf?  What does that mean?  As we seek, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, how to utilize the Commandments in our lives, this is for being blessed and turning the blessings we receive into being a blessing to others.  It is NOT related to salvation.

This is a great truth to meditate upon.

More scenes from Tel Beer Sheva.  A teacher dressed in period clothing teaching his class about Abraham.  Ancient Beer Sheva with modern Beer Sheva in the background.  Part of the ruins of Tel Beer Sheva.

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