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I am prayerfully considering blogging the Biblical calendar…meaning posting about every fast, holiday, new moon, shabbat, etc.  Please give me your feedback.  If you think it would be helpful and you would enjoy it, leave me a comment.  Thanks!

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  1. Seems like a lot of work for you, but I would like it. I am trying to learn. There is so much, sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I love Baruch teachings.

  2. That would be so great! My whole family would benefit so much from this. The Holy Spirit has recently opened all of our eyes and we are seeking understanding and truth. Thank you so much for your obedience and sharing your gift for teaching with all of us.

  3. I think a little something would be nice. Maybe write about a different aspect of it each year? Keep it simple? It would be a good reminder of the times and seasons. I still struggle with looking ahead and getting into it and I have been “Messianic” for years. Our online Messianic community does post things. Yet, I still struggle. I wish we were close enough to be able to attend in person. I think that would really help. The livestream is really good, but being there in person really brings things to life. Know what I mean?

    So, yes. I think a little something would be good, especially for beginners. 🙂 Are you thinking of possibly fielding questions?

  4. Greetings from Indiana. I would find this helpful. I have the Hebrew Calendar hanging in my kitchen but … it lacks the human touch. I am not Jewish but long to understand the times, seasons and spiritual applications. Perhaps a blog would help me in these areas. Also, I trust you to speak the truth and not lead your readers down a man created path but rather guide us by the WORD of YHVH.

  5. Shalom Baruch, that would be very helpful as I was getting a calendar from Mark Blitz to try to see the readings, the festivals, and new moon. Would your calendar also have the gore-garien calendar mixed in as far as the days of the month so I don’t get confused on the proper date, yet it would emphasize the biblical calendar or would it strictly be the biblical calendar? I am very interested. Would you have interesting tidbits also, like little helps and or facts, scripture reference? Like what the purpose is behind the specific day or days? I would say todah.

    1. Hi Jacqueline. I am Rivka, Baruch’s wife. The blog is written by me, not Baruch. What I envision is before each holiday, fast, Shabbat, etc., I will make everyone aware of what is coming up, what it is all about, relevant scripture, etc. So, it should not be confusing. I will also include how the event is celebrated today and hopefully include some pictures from here in Israel 🙂

  6. I would love to receive those blogs on the Biblical Calendar. I do hope you will do them.

    Thank you and your husband for sharing your Biblical knowledge with us, Gentiles.

    May our Lord God in Heaven continue blessing and protecting you and your family.

    In His Love

    Doraluz Cuellar

    🌾dlc🌷 Sent from my iPhone


  7. I would love it!. It would be so wonderful. Your teachings are very solid and profound, very knowledgeable and deep in the Hebrew roots with a strong messeanic perspective.

  8. Yes! The way you teach about G-d (truthfully, logically, and to the point-not drawn out) has been a blessing for me in learning and receiving and would also be helpful to others who do not take enough time to learn about G-d.

    Besides so-loving it if you would educate me about G-d’s ordained times as given to us (Jewish and Gentile grafted in) in His Bible as well as educate us about the Jewish Traditions (one can greatly learn from growing closer to G-d) I think it would also help to teach me and others about why G-d gave us these ordained times to follow and it would also help us to teach us about when we Gentiles choose King Jesus (Yeshua) as our Redeemer-Savior we are grafted in and what all grafted in means for us.

    I love you and Rabbi Baruch for your real love and honor for G-d. Before one decides to follow a pastor they should do a simple search–some so-called big pastors with big churches have been divorced and according to G-d’s word no longer have the right to be a pastor but there you go, man’s manmade doctrine and they also tell people what they want to hear instead of what G-d truly has to say and such teachings (for whatever reason they are done) will only keep you held back-in the dark-big time, missing G-d’s true blessings that He knows is best for your life.

    I am thankful for you and your teachings that help me to truly understand and know G-d, therefore to love Him more which clears the way for me to be the best I can be in this world as well as giving me strength to stay with-trusting G-d who is never wrong and will always show you the way if you will take time to find Him-the Truth. Safara

  9. I think that would be wonderful. It would help us understand more fully the calendar, especially for those new to it. And I trust your insight. Theres so much out there on the biblical calendar that is false, confusing, wrong, and devisive. Its a hot topic of controversy for sure:(

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