Texas Conference

At our conference in Weatherford, TX (near Dallas)

Baruch and I met up in Dallas, TX on Thursday.  I had a very good visit with his parents but it was great to be with him again.  Friday and today we held our LoveIsrael.org Conference.  North Side Baptist Church in Weatherford was kind enough to host the event.  They promoted our conference on our website and provided music.

The topic of the conference was “Yeshua and the Passover”.  Our understanding is that the conference sessions were videotaped.  When we get them, we will post them on our Youtube channel.

Tomorrow Baruch will be teaching again at North Side at their 9:30am Adult Sunday School. They have asked that he teach on Israel and where we are in the prophetic timeline.

Don’t forget that we will be at Seed of Abraham Fellowship in Merritt Island, FL on March 26 and 27.  Baruch will be teaching 4 sessions on the book of Joel.  We hope that those of you in the area will join us!

On Monday, Baruch and I will be going to the Daystar studio.  Baruch will be taping a show for Marcus and Joni and he will also be giving a 15 minute message which will be broadcast live.


2 thoughts on “Texas Conference”

  1. Rivka,
    Shalom! What a joy for us to meet you and Dr. Baruch at this Texas Conference!
    My 12 year old son, Isaac, loves Dr. Baruch and studies with him through his videos.
    He talked almost the whole trip back home about how he couldn’t believe he really met him in person!
    It was sure worth our 8 hour trip from Missouri for us! Thanks for all you and Baruch do and keep delivering the truth of the Holy Scriptures to as many people as possible. In His love, The Olson’s

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