The Book of 1 Corinthians Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 1

So glad you joined us for 1 Corinthians! We will kick off this study with 1 Cor 1:1-9

All of the commentary below is based on the NKJV. 

One of the most sexually immoral places 2000 years ago was the port city of Corinth (which is in Greece, not far from Athens). The Apostle Paul wrote two epistles to the congregation in Corinth. He did not instruct this congregation to leave the city, but Paul understood that they were strategically positioned to impact those who were passing through Corinth with the truth of the gospel. Paul wanted the church to utilize their location for the purposes of G-d (Acts 18:1-18: The Christians in Corinth could impact those who were passing through with the message of salvation, holiness and repentance. John 17:15-19: G-d can use us as a witness in unpleasant places).

v1: Called: Paul had a calling on his life. 

  • Apostle: “One who has been sent from G-d”. An apostle was under authority and his job was to fulfil the purposes of the One whom he was submitted to – in this case, Messiah Yeshua. 
  • Through the will of G-d: It was G-d the Father’s will that Paul served Messiah in this way.
  • Sosthenes: A fellow believer and spiritual brother to Paul. He co-authored this letter with Paul (Acts 18:17)

v2: Church: Congregation. This is a term that has to do with a group of people who have been called out – not necessarily called out of a location but called out from the ways of the world.

  • Sanctified: This word has to do with holiness. It is not a declarative holiness but is a physical process/walk of holiness [we are declared righteous/justified when we receive Messiah (Roms 5:18-19). However, once saved, love for G-d causes us to walk in holiness, in obedience, in freedom from sin – we are declared holy when we believe, but then we demonstrate holiness in our lifestyles – not to become more holy, because we cannot become more holy than we are declared to be, but as a demonstration/witness of our love for Him]
  • IN Messiah: We cannot be sanctified or made holy apart from Messiah. 
  • Saints: Also derived from the word ‘holy’. This is our identity when we are in Messiah. 
  • The name of Messiah Yeshua: Name is synonymous with character. Saints are supposed to demonstrate the character of Messiah (1 Peter 2:21-22). 
  • L-rd: If we’re going to fulfil the purposes of G-d, we need to understand the L-rdship of Messiah. He is not only our Saviour, but He is also our L-rd and is the One we need to submit to. 
  • Theirs and ours: This is a message that is relevant to both Jews and Gentiles. 

v3: There is unity between G-d the Father and the L-rd Messiah Yeshua. G-d the Father provides the grace, and Messiah did the work to manifest this grace to us. 

v4: I thank my G-d always concerning you: Even though this congregation has problems, Paul is encouraged by them.

  • By (in) Messiah Yeshua: This is a term that relates to a covenant. We are in Messiah through receiving the new covenant that His blood ratified (His blood made the new covenant officially valid). 

v5: Enriched: This is a word for abundance (being wealthy or rich – not necessarily talking about materially). G-d is a provider, and He provides through His Son. Through Yeshua we have access to the abundance of G-d (In what we say – “utterance” – and in how we think – “knowledge”, so that we can manifest the character of Yeshua to those around us). 

v6: The purpose of Yeshua/the will of G-d is going to be testified by us when we are exemplifying Messiah’s character. 

  • Confirmed: Certified. 

v7: This verse tells us about the faithfulness of G-d and about what we should ultimately be living for.  

  • You come short in no gift: You lack nothing. G-d is going to provide us with every spiritual gift that we need so that we can do what He has called us to do. 
  • Waiting for the revelation of our L-rd Messiah Yeshua: Speaking about the rapture/our blessed hope –as believers, we are removed from this world and taken into heaven so that we do not experience the wrath of G-d. We need to always be cognitively thinking about and eagerly anticipating this day. 

v8: Who will also confirm (certify) you to the end: He brings stability into our lives. He establishes us as He brings holiness (sanctification) into our lives. G-d’s work in our lives is evidence of His faithfulness. 

  • Blameless: Without spot or blemish. Without any spiritual defect.
  • In the day of our L-rd Messiah Yeshua: This is a phrase used about 6 times in the New Testament and refers to the rapture. This is a different day to “the day of the L-rd” – which is referring to the wrath of G-d (Zeph 1:14-18).

v9: Called into the fellowship of His Son: This is one of the great promises we have as believers. The more we submit to Yeshua the more we will be transformed. The more we are transformed the better a vessel of usefulness we will be.

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