The Book of 1 Corinthians Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 3

We finish off this week with a short portion: 1 Cor 11:27-34

v27: We do not want to partake of this special ordinance (the L-rd’s Supper) in a way that is unworthy because it will bring guilt upon us before the L-rd.

  • Guilty of the body and blood: When we act in this way (partaking in an unworthy manner) G-d is going to treat us as the ones who came against His Son – in the Father’s eyes, we become as those who killed Yeshua. This shows us the severity/danger of not partaking of the L-rd’s Supper in a proper way.

v29: Not discerning the L-rd’s body: He does not understand what Messiah came to do and is therefore going to be judged for that. 

v30: Weak and sick: If we partake in an unworthy manner (not discerning, not acknowledging our sinfulness, not properly understanding what Messiah did for us) it is going to have an adverse effect upon us – not only spiritually but also physically.

  • Sleep: Have died. 

v31: Judge ourselves: We need to come before the Heavenly Father, through Yeshua, and rightly confess our sins. We are unworthy and desperately in need of Messiah’s work upon the cross. This is the attitude we need to have as we partake of what Messiah has provided for us. 

v32: Judged: When the L-rd judges us (believers) it means that He disciplines (chastens) us. 

  • Condemned with the world: By faith, when we take hold of grace (through the message of the gospel) we will not be judged with the rest of the world when it is condemned.

v33: Wait for one another: Wait to see how many people arrive and distribute the food appropriately so that everyone can participate together and be thankful together. Eating is a Biblically significant event (Deut 8:10). When we have eaten and are satisfied it leads to blessing and praising the L-rd. 

v34: Hungry: The people were not to approach and partake of this meal for the sole purpose of satisfying their physical hunger. The place to satisfy physical hunger was at home. 

  • Come together for judgment: If people came together for a physical reason (satisfying their physical hunger) and not with a right, proper, spiritual objective then their gathering together was to be for judgement. 
  • The rest I will set in order when I come: This shows us the importance Paul placed on the L-rd’s Supper. He didn’t wait to instruct them on this but wrote about it to them.  

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