The Book of 1 Corinthians Bible Study Chapter 14 Part 4

We begin this week by ending off 1 Cor 14: (v26-40)

v26: How is it then? “What is the conclusion of the matter,” is what Paul is saying here. Paul is going to sum everything up. 

  • Brethren: Still speaking to brothers and sisters in the L-rd. 
  • Each of you: Whenever we come together, we all (without exception) need to come prepared. Part of the worship experience, in the house of G-d, among new covenant believers, is this need to all participate. It’s not a one-man band. 
  • For edification: This is why we meet together – in order to be edified, in order to be built up. This was Paul’s primary concern. We need to give, but we also need to receive. 

v27: Speaking in tongues in a congregation is not forbidden. It just has to be done within a boundary – limited to 2 or 3, and have to receive an interpretation. It has to be done in a decent and orderly manner. 

v28: If a tongue does not have an interpretation, then it must not be spoken publicly but can be spoken privately between the person and G-d. 

v29: Let the others judge: This is a word for discernment, for examination that what is being spoken is truly from G-d – whether it is correct or incorrect. 

v30: If someone isn’t speaking and is seated but then G-d starts to reveal things to him, he needs to start to share it and the one who was speaking needs to become silent. 

v31: One by one: In an orderly manner.  

  • That all may learn: Prophecy is there to teach us. It helps us to learn what G-d’s will is in various situations. 
  • Encouraged: Comforted. 

v32: Rev 19:10 tells us that the testimony of Yeshua is the spirit of prophecy. This means that the essence of prophecy testifies of Messiah. 

v33: Confusion: Disorder. 

  • Churches of the saints: This is not talking about a synagogue where people would go to hear the law of Moses being read (Acts 15:21). This is specifically talking to an assembly of believers. 

v34: In this section Paul has been sharing with us how things need to be done decently and orderly (order reflects the character of G-d) within the church setting. Up until now we will all mostly agree with what Paul has said, and we carry out those instructions in our churches….but then we get to this verse which has become so controversial in many churches. Many churches do not want to submit to this instruction (Please search this out for yourselves and don’t just take what I am submitting to you). Yes, the culture may be different now compared to back then, but that doesn’t mean that we can just change G-d’s instructions to suit our culture. 

  • Women keep silent in the churches: Paul tells Timothy not to let women teach or have authority over a man (1 Tim 2:12). A woman teaching in a mixed crowd (men and woman) or a woman leading a church does not reflect G-d’s order. 
  • To be submissive: To subject themselves. This is the same word that’s used in regard to the spirit of prophecy – prophecy is subjected to the prophets. Prophecy is judged, evaluated etc by the larger body for the sake of safety (there is safety in multiple counsellors). 

v35: Speak: To teach (men). Even if a woman is a better teacher than men it does not give her the right to violate what the Scripture says here. Women can teach other women. Women can teach children, but not adult (adolescent) men. Men should teach men and in mixed congregations. 

  • Shameful: Strong word. 

v36: Although G-d has and does use women in a mighty way, the Word of G-d was not given to women, it was given to (and written down by) men. 

v37: The commandments of the L-rd: Paul calls on those who are able to discern (those who are prophetic or those who are spiritually minded) that what he has written here in regard to all of these things (including in regard to women) have been given as New Testament commandments.

v38: If anyone is ignorant: Ignorant means ‘against knowing’. They don’t want to know the truth because they’re not interested in submitting to it. That is their decision. 

v39: Therefore: Based on everything that has been said. 

  • Desire earnestly: Be zealous. 

v40: Decently and in order: Do things according to the will of G-d. 

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