The Book of 1 Corinthians Bible Study Chapter 15 Part 4

Our next reading is from 1 Cor 15:35-49

v35: The questions asked here revolve around resurrection. How are people going to be resurrected? And what are their bodies going to look like? 

v36: Foolish one: This is a word that speaks of someone who is not functioning properly in their thoughts or behaviour.

  • Unless it dies: If a seed doesn’t die (go through the process of death and decay) it will never produce fruit, it will not go through a transformation, it will never be what it was intended to be. This is the same for us, based upon the fact that sin (death) has entered into this world. G-d is utilizing this for a transformation.

v37: A seed looks nothing like the final product that it will become (eg a corn seed looks different to the corn stalk). If a seed is not planted in the ground it will never die, but it will always remain just a seed and will never fulfil its true purpose. It will never be transformed. 

v38: When a seed dies it begins to grow and it becomes what G-d intended for it to be. Death is a natural part of a spiritual process (Roms 6:11).

v39: Man, animals, fish and birds all have very different types of bodies. They all function differently and have different habitations. What we can discern is this: G-dly influence produces a new body for us that is going to function specifically for what G-d has called us to become. Ungodly influence (as seen in 1 Cor 15:33) is not going to produce a body that functions optimally. 

v40-41: The purpose for these different bodies is to manifest glory. Glory is always related to the character, purpose, function, and will of G-d (Is 42:8). 

v42: Corruption: Decay. A person born into this world will eventually begin to decay (suffer wear and tear, pass our physical prime). This is due to the natural outcome of the first sin. 

  • Incorruption: Our new bodies will not decay or wear out. They are going to be glorious bodies. 

v43: Dishonour: Often our words and actions dishonour G-d, His creation or other humans. 

  • Raised in glory: Our new bodies will always manifest the glory of G-d. 
  • Weakness: These bodies we are in now are inadequate, but when they are made new they will be adequate (raised in power). 

v44: Our natural (fleshly, earthly) bodies are going to become spiritual (heavenly) bodies. A change/transformation is going to take place. Our environment is going to change so our bodies have to change in order to function in the new environment. 

v45: It is written: Paul frequently backs up new revelation with (Old Testament) Scriptural truth. Here he quotes from Gen 2:7. 

  • The last Adam: This is referring to Messiah Yeshua. 
  • A life-giving Spirit: G-d formed the first man from the ground, the dust of the earth. He became a living being because G-d breathed into him (every one of us are alive today, naturally, because of that breath that G-d gave to Adam). Yeshua, being conceived by the Holy Spirit, is different in origin to natural man. He is not just of life (not just a normal human being), but He is able to give life – spiritual life. 

v46: Natural man came first and then the spiritual. We, therefore, should expect a natural body first (which is what we have all got) followed by a spiritual body that (like a physical body) has substance – it can be touched, we can still eat etc. 

v47-48: In our fallen state we are like Adam – natural, fleshly bodies with earthly citizenship. In our redeemed state we are like Messiah – our citizenship is not of this world, but we have a new nature and a new position – a heavenly position and perspective…Eph 2:4-6. We do not belong to this earth but we are just pilgrims and sojourners passing through it – Heb 11:13-16. 

  • The L-rd: He has absolute authority. His will will be fulfilled. 

v49: Borne the image of dust: Like Adam, we decay and wear out. 

  • Bear the image of the heavenly: This is our hope! 1 Peter 1:3-5

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