The Book of 1 Corinthians Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 2

Let’s read 1 Cor 2:9-16
In the first half of chapter 2, Paul stated how, through the work of Messiah, we become glorious (which is not understood with human wisdom). From this verse, Paul shifts gears and begins to speak about G-d’s purpose.
v9: As it is written: Paul again backs up his theological statements Scripturally (Is 64:4 – this is a message of hope). Scripture is so important. Our faith has to be based upon the (entire) Word of G-d (2 Tim 3:16-17).
·      Things G-d has prepared for those who love Him: Do we love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength? (Mark 12:30). 
v10: G-d has revealed them to us through His Spirit: It is only when we have the Spirit of G-d living in us that we will be able to discern what G-d is up to. 
·      Deep things: Some scholars see this as relating to the resurrection (deep in the ground). Resurrection has to do with the Kingdom. Deep things = Kingdom promises/things. 
v11: The spirit of a man: Talking about the inner man, the conscience of an individual (not speaking here about the Holy Spirit). We know what we are thinking, why we act the way we act etc
·      Likewise, only the Spirit of G-d can know the things of G-d. We can know human things, but we cannot know heavenly things except by the Holy Spirit – we are dependent on Him if we want to understand the things of G-d. 
v12: When we believed we did not receive the spirit of the world – belief does not lead to worldly achievement or success. We don’t want worldly success, we want Kingdom success. 
·      Freely: Graciously
·      Given: G-d gives us these things because we have received His grace. Grace doesn’t only save us, it also teaches us to live holy lives (Titus 2:11-14)
v13: Comparing spiritual things with spiritual: We can only know that which is spiritual if we have the Spirit. If we do not have Him, then we have no perspective for discerning or understanding spiritual truth. Everything G-d does is based on spiritual laws – and that is why His ways are so foreign to the world (which bases everything on physical laws). 
v14: The natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of G-d: Which is why we need to be born again (John 3:1-21) – ie go through the process of redemption, be recipients of salvation so that we can receive the indwelling ministry of the Holy Spirit in our lives and therefore have the ability to understand spiritual things. The Spirit helps us to understand the will of G-d, the plans of G-d, the purposes of G-d etc so that we can submit to them in the same way that Yeshua submitted to them. Be prepared to suffer…Yeshua suffered by going to the cross. 
v15: He who is spiritual judges all things: Spiritual – ie: he has an understanding of the mind, the will, the purposes of G-d and so he judges from that perspective and not from an earthly or natural perspective. This is not a judgment of condemnation (we have not been given the ministry of condemnation – only G-d is the Judge who can condemn) but is a judgment of discernment or evaluation. 
·      Judged by no one: G-d is his Judge and he lives in a way to please G-d – above reproach (Col 1:21-23)
v16: Who has known the mind of the L-rd?: We should be people who have the mind of Messiah!
·      We have the mind of Messiah: This is a verse of encouragement. The reason we have discernment, the reason we can evaluate and judge (not condemn) things is because of what Yeshua did upon that cross. He made redemption possible and gave us the indwelling Holy Spirit, through whom we have discernment about what is right and what is wrong, good or evil etc. The Holy Spirit teaches us the mind of Messiah so that we can make G-dly decisions. 

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