The Book of 1 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 4

Our last reading for this week is 1 Thessalonians 2:17-20
v17: Brethren: Speaking again to the Thessalonians.
• Having been taken away from you: Bereaved. This is a word that’s usually associated
with death. Paul is saying that he is experiencing the same grief and pain that
someone would experience if they were mourning. This is how intensely he feels
about being apart from these Thessalonians.
• A short time (literally ‘A season of an hour’): This is a Greek idiom.
• Presence: Literally the word ‘Face’. They are not face to face – not in one another’s
• Not in heart: Although they are not physically together their hearts are still
connected. Why? There’s still a connection through prayer. Paul also thinks about
them, hears reports about them etc They still very much have a place in his heart
and thoughts.
• More eagerly: Meaning a haste to do something quickly.
• To see your face: To be in your presence.
• With great desire: Paul is longing for them, and longing to be present with them.
v18: Time and again: (literally, ‘once and twice’): Paul had set himself to visit the
Thessalonians (put it into his calendar, so to speak) but both times he had been hindered by
v19: Note: v19 and v20 give us a true understanding of what Paul was really like…why Paul
did what he did.
• Hope, joy and crown: These are three very strong words. Paul is speaking about
something that is very significant to him. The Thessalonians are all of these things to
him presently, but they are going to continue to be this for him eternally.
• Crown of rejoicing: Paul is praising G-d for them. He is excited and filled with joy in
regard to them.
• You: Meaning those believers in Thessaloniki
• Our L-rd Messiah Yeshua at His coming: Paul is excited about what they were going
to experience at the time of the rapture. They are going to be transformed into
Kingdom people, being given a Kingdom body. This is Paul’s hope, and joy and
v20: “For you are our glory and joy.” (What a verse!)
• You are our glory: Paul is not looking for something personal or for some earthly
reward. Earthly reward is not what motivates Paul (and nor should it motivate us)
• Joy: Contentment. A feeling of victory– Paul’s joy comes from his effective ministry
to other people. Paul is waiting for the time that he, like us, will be changed. We
have been promised that if we have truly believed we will be in the Kingdom of
heaven before the wrath of G-d begins. It is then that we are going to know what
our lives have amounted to.

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