The Book of 1 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 3 Part 2

Let’s go on to 1 Thessalonians 3:6-13
v6: Timothy has come to us from you: When Paul wrote this epistle to the Thessalonians, he
already knew (because of Timothy’s report) that this church was standing strong!
• Good news: Often when we read about good news in the Scripture it is referring to
the evangelisation of the gospel. Here, however, Paul is not talking about the good
news of the gospel but the good news in regard to this congregation standing firm.
• Faith and love: Faith (confession) expresses itself through love (an action) – loving
G-d with all of our hearts and loving our neighbours as we love ourselves.
• Good remembrance of us…greatly desiring (yearning) to see us: This congregation
loved Paul and his companions, like Paul and his friends loved them. There is a
consistency in this love – it is not one sided but is a love that is reciprocated.
v7: Affliction: Again, the same word for tribulation. What Paul is saying here is that they
were encouraged (comforted) in the midst of distressful times by the report that Timothy
had brought back from this church. Although Paul and his companions were suffering a lot it
was all worth it because it had borne good fruit.
• By your faith: They were walking in love – doing what believers are called to do.
v8: (Since) You stand fast in the L-rd: This congregation had a good testimony of being
established in the L-rd. They had built on a firm foundation. This encouraged and
invigorated Paul (“now we live”).
v9: Paul response to this fruitfulness (to the fact that his labour was not in vain) was to
praise G-d and to rejoice at this good report.
v10: Night and day: Continuously. Without ceasing. This confirms what Paul has previously
told us about his prayer life (1 Thess 1:2)
• Exceedingly: Abundantly.
• See your face: Paul longs to see them in person. He knows that investing in these
people is “paying” great dividends. They are well worth his time, his effort, his
• Perfect what is lacking: They are doing well but (just like us) there is always room for
v11: May our G-d: Paul changes direction here. He is no longer inquiring, or hearing or giving
thanks. Instead of speaking to the Thessalonians about His desire to be with them He begins
to pray and to submit that desire to G-d.
v12: Increase and abound in love: When we increase (are brought deeper into the
understanding of the truths of G-d) an automatic fruit of that will be a love for G-d and for
others (observing the commandments – the greatest of which is love – not according to the
letter of the law but according to the spirit of law).
• Just as we do to you: Paul is again telling them that he loves them – he is expressing
that same manifestation of G-d’s will i.e To love others.
v13: Establish (strengthen) your hearts: Placed in a position whereby you are able to thrive,
grow and be made strong.
• Blameless: Without flaw.
• The coming of our L-rd Messiah Yeshua: The rapture and the second coming are not
the same event. The rapture happens before the wrath of G-d begins to fall (1 Thess
5:9). Messiah does not gather us up in order to bring us immediately back down to
earth. He gathers us up (raptures us) so that we can be with Him in heaven for an
allocated time, as He pours out His wrath on the earth. We (believers) will not be in
this world for the wrath of G-d. This verse is not speaking about the rapture but is
speaking about the second coming of Messiah. It is only at Messiah’s second coming
that He will establish His Kingdom – this does not happen at the rapture.
• All His saints: When Yeshua comes to earth for the second time, He is going to bring
all of His saints with Him – you and I! We do not have to concern ourselves about
getting ready for the second coming – we need to be ready for the rapture.

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