The Book of 1 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 2

On to 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12
v9: Brotherly love: Loving our brother (neighbour) as ourselves is one of the two greatest
commandments (Matt 22:36-40). Although the law does not make us righteous, it teaches
us what righteousness is. If we want to understand G-d’s definition of righteousness, and
how to live righteously, being led by the Spirit, we need to study the commandments given
to Moses. Paul understood the instructions of the law. He knew that walking in brotherly
love is key to preparing us to be found faithful at the time of the rapture.
• You have no need that I should write to you: Why? Paul doesn’t need to write down
the instructions concerning brotherly love because Moses had already written them
• Taught by G-d: How? Through the Word (law) of G-d.
• To love one another: This is what G-d’s teaching (Word) reveals to us.
v10: You do so: This congregation in Thessaloniki had a reputation for demonstrating
brotherly love.
• Increase more and more: When we demonstrate truth (in this case, loving our
neighbour) it is going to produce an outcome in our lives. Loving others is
foundational for increase (G-d’s will in its fullest sense) to be present in our lives.
v11: Aspire (strive) to lead a quiet life: Work at it. Make an effort. If we want to live in a way
that is honourable to G-d (1 Peter 3:4) then we are to live quiet lives (not lives that are full
of drama, always wanting to be the centre of attention etc).
• Mind your own business: Don’t be a busybody or get involved in an improper way in
the lives of others. We’re called to minister to, bless and help one another, but
there’s a very clear distinction between blessing someone and meddling in their
• Work with your own hands: We’re called to work and not to be idle. We need to be
busy with doing the things that G-d has called us (in our own personal lives) to do.
v12: Walk: This is a very Hebraic term which speaks about a lifestyle (the things that we do,
how we behave).
• Walk properly: You and I do not define what a proper walk is – G-d does. His Word
teaches us how to walk properly.
• Outside: We need to be a testimony to those who are outside the congregation,
those who are outside the faith.
• Lack nothing: G-d provides for us. This is the benefit of having a good testimony
(which comes from the quiet life, minding our own business, working with our
hands etc – ie living a life that is in line with the Word of G-d, a life that is pleasing to

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